Corrections in the Kaarimaaran Dharsana Naatkurippu

2022-23 (Subhakruth) Year

  • iLaiyavilli AchAn should be on 9-May-2022 instead of 10-May-2022.
  • In Page 27, under Monthly PuRappAdu details - On EkAdhasis comes alone, only PerumAL PuRappAdu, no PerumAL and ThAyAr PuRappAdu.
  • In Page 30, under Utsavam deils - Chithirai, SrivaikuNdam 4 Garuda sEvai should be on Day5 instead of Day4.
  • sEnganoor PavithrOtsavam is between 19-Aug-2022 and 21-Aug-2022.
  • No Tharpanam on 20-Oct-2022, request to strike out the page in the nAtkurippu immediately on seeing this to remember on that day. GrahanNa TharpaNam on 25-Oct-2022 evening at the time of start of Soorya GrahaNam. No amAvAsyai TharpaNam in the morning on this aippasi month.
  • No PavithrOthsavam at ThalaichangAdu (22-Sep-2022 to 24-Sep-2022) on this year from our Trust.