Joke 1: Sri. U. Ve. Akkarakkani Srinidhi Swami asked by someone - "Why you are having/growing a beard?". He simply replied with great presence of mind and humour, "We have to do something for Koorathaazhwaan's 1000th Thirunakshathiram.".
Fact 1: Sri Koorathaazhwaan grew a long beard as the insects in the hair will be affected while shaving.

Joke 2: On another occasion while all the Fans in someone's house are on and Srinidhi Swami said with presence of mind, "This is in memory of 1000th Thrinakshathiram of Sri ThirukkachinambigaL, who done Alavatta Kainkaryam to DhevapperumaaL."
Fact 2: Sri Thirukkachi NambigaL did Alavatta Kainkaryam based on the instruction from Periya PerumaL and Thiruvenkatamudayan, as DhevapperumaL came from the Yagam which is full of heat.

Joke 3: After Raavana's death, Sri Rama with all others left Sri Lanka after Vibheeshna Pattaabhishekam. Sri Rama wanted all of them to attend his Pattabhishekam at AyOdhya. So everyone in Sugrivan's kingdom were invited to board on the Pushpaka Vimaanam. The vaanara ladies were very interested to Seetha Devi as they heard she was very beautiful than any one else. After seeing Seetha, the vaanara ladies commented "Everyone told Seetha Devi is beautiful, but she is having the long Nose, wide Eyes and she does not have a Tail". So, needless to say, they were disappointed a little.
Fact 3: Monkeys have small nose, small eyes and a tail. For Vaanara ladies beauty means only in this context.

Joke 4: Sri Hanumar was sitting on the tree under which Sita devi was kept in Ravana's place. Some arakkis woke up in the morning and after seeing him there they shouted Hari! Hari! (another name for monkey). Valmiki allocated Hasya rasam for this, and said, Ha! Even these arakkis do hari nama sankirthanam first thing in the morning!

Joke 5: Peruman has got a few jokes as well. Once he decorated himself with his pathni's dresses, jewels and everything and sat like his devi. He called for Sri Bhattar who always sides with piratti, and asked him how His new make-up looked - is He now as beautiful as, if not more than, pirattiar? Is everything okay? Sri Bhattar replied, 'yes....' - the few dots after the yes made peruman question him what was missing. Sri Bhattar replied, "everything is okay, but those eyes... they are still like one sun and one moon and not like my piraatti who has got nothing but kind kulirindha kaNgaL."