Thirumalai Ananthanpillai Sri. U. Ve. Krishnamachariar Swami

A Floral Tribute to a great Ubhaya Vedanta Scholar

Thirumalai Ananthanpillai Sri. U. Ve. Krishnamachariar Swami, who lived in Tirupati, was one of the few luminaries known for playing the dual role of study and spotless recitation of Nalayira Divya Prabandham of Alwars and equally propagating Ubhaya Vedanta through his writings and discourses. In the days the Manipravala commentaries of Sri Vaishnavism were not properly disseminated among the masses, then Krishnamacharya Swami contributed much to the growth of Sri Vaishnavism.

As a descendent of Acharya Tirumalai Ananthalwan of llth century, Krishnamacharya was born to Sri Raghavacharya and Smt.Kanakavalli at Kancheepuram on August 27, 1921, in the Tamil Year Dhunmathi, Mrugasheersha star, the day syncronises the birth of Lord Krishna. He had his early education in S.V.Oriental College, Tirupati and mastered Nalayira Divya Prabandham under an erudite scholar Sri U.Ve.Kachchi Kidambu Yamunacharya Swami in 1937. As an ardent disciple of Sri U.Ve.Uttamur Veeraraghavacharya Swami, he acquired Nyaya Vedanta Siromani from the University of Madras in 1945, besides Vidwan Title in Tamil in 1951. As a nephew of late Kanchi Mahavidwan U.Ve. Prathivadhi Bhayankaram Annangaracharya Swami, he was closely associated with him and learnt many a Sri Vaishnava Sampradaya meanings from him when he was alive for over four decades till 1984. With great reverence, he mastered ancient texts like Sri Bhashya, Rahasya Granthas, Bhagavat Vishayam, Gita Bhashya, Sri Ramayana and so on under many erudite scholars like Sri U.Ve.Purasai Tirumalai Ananthanpillai Krishnamacharya Swami, Sri U.Ve. Akkarakkani Sampathkumaracharya Swami and Sri U.Ve.Kachchi Kidambi Yamunacharya Swami.

His academic acumen enabled him to serve in several capacities first in Sri Venkateswara Oriental Institute, Tirupati and later as Nyaya Lecturer and Head in the S.V.Oriental College, Tirupati from 1958 to 1976.

As a devout disciple, he followed the footprint of Yamunacharya Swami by rendering Alwars' hymns in the Ghosti in Sri Govindarajaswami Temple, etc.TTD for over six decades. Having specialized in Ubhaya Vedanta, Krishnamacharya Swami through traditional kalakshepams, imparted those philosophical concepts in Sri Vaishnava Literature for the last three decades, which enthralled the disciples both at Kancheepuram and Tirupati.

Some of the research scholars (including the present author) from Madras and Sri Venkateswara Universities were fortunate to make much of his ingenuity for their doctoral theses.

By his astute knowledge both in Tamil and Sanskrit, he lucidly translated the rare Sanskrit work 'Anantharya Mahimakatha Sangraha' into Tamil entitled 'Tirumala Ananthalwan Vaibhavam'. His translation of another Sanskrit text 'Sri Venkatachala Itihasa Mala' into Tamil in the name 'Tiruvengada Malai Varalatru Malai', published by TTD, is magnum opus. Besides, his translation of Valmiki Bhava Deepam into Tamil entitled Valmiki Tiruvulla Vilakku, serialized in TTD journal during 1986 and 1988 brought him fame.

As a scholiast, his Tamil commentaries for Sanskrit works like Tirukkachchi Nambi's Devaraja Ashtakam, Sarvajna Bhatta's Kuresa Panchasat, l5th century texts like Devaraja Guru's Varavara Muni Satakam, Purva Dinacharya and Uttara Dinacharya, Prathivadhi Bhayankaram Annan's Ashtasloki commentary, Sri Venkatesa Suprapatam, Stotram, Prapatti and Mangalam are the timeless works. His lucid commentary on the stotram of Sholinglur Deity called 'Amruthapalavali' written by Devaraja Guru in double entendre is a masterpiece.

As an outstanding scholar, several of his articles on Srivaishnavism appeared in religious journals like TTD Sapthagiri, Gitacharyan and so on were published in two volumes called Tirumalaiappan Tiruvarul which are a feast for scholars.

As a voracious reader with microscopic bent of mind, Krishnamacharya Swami helped scholars in editing several works like Bhagavat Vishayam, commentaries on Alwars hymns, Yatindrapranava Prabhavam, Panchastavi and Sudarsana Satakam - all a treasure.

His articulate expression of discourses and endowment lectures in various Conferences, Seminars held in Universities at Chennai, Tirupati and other places has enthralled everyone and this was a rare gift of him.

In recognition of his contribution to Sanskrit works, the Government of India through Rashtriya Sanskrit Samsthan conferred the title 'Vidwanvarenyaha' on him on the occasion of lnternational Sanskrit Year 2000. Following this, the Chennai based Swami Nammalvar Foundation (India) conferred for the first time a coveted title 'SRI VAISHNAVA SIMHAM' on him for his contribution to Ubhaya Vedanta for over five decades with a purse of Rs.10000.

It can be said that he was literally the heir of Kanchi Maha Vidwan P B Annangaracharya Swami in the realm of Sri Vaishnavism. He was 85 and died on 2.4.2005.

About Thirumalai Ananthanpillai Sri. U. Ve. Krishnamachariar Swami in 8 April 2005 by Sri U. Ve. Dr. MadaPoosi Varadharajan Swami.